It’s weird that an umbrella never received an upgrade it desperately needs. Today we’re already launching flying cars.

But umbrellas still invert, get ripped, fall apart, or jump out of our hands. Well, The Ultimate Umbrella is the upgrade we’ve all been waiting for.

The patented anti-vortex mechanism in this umbrella is capable of withstanding 100 km/h (62 mph) winds.

The secret? Instead of trying to ward off the wind, the umbrella spins with it without inverting on itself. 

The Ultimate Umbrella

The umbrella’s canopy is capable of hiding up to 5 people from the rain. You can close it with one push of a button. Folding the umbrella is also easier than ever. It doesn’t blast away when you lose your grip or apply insufficient pressure. You can let go of one end of the umbrella at any time and it will safely stay in your hands.

The Ultimate Umbrella

On top of all of its benefits, the fabric in this umbrella is made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles. More so, it is dyed using a water-free process saving 3 liters (100 oz) of water on each umbrella.

Is this the ultimate umbrella? Yes, yes it is.

The Ultimate Umbrella


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