The word ” nature  has often evoked, in the common sense, images of green meadows and placid tranquility. But under the sensitive gaze of a child intent on drawing, not everything is as it seems. 

” Kendra Binney  grew up in a small mountain town without shoe stores, spending most of her barefoot time slipping into the tiny world of spiders, snakes and how much she hides in the grass, and transferring this closeness to the small and ‘obscure in his painting. Through the scenes of dripping landscapes of watercolor and insecure, vulnerable creatures, illustrates a world of memories, remorse and fragile reality. His work evokes nostalgia, his illustrations are both gentle and cruel, sweet and disturbing. “

This is how the artist is defined, and certainly meeting his painting means entering an intimate and dreamlike world of private emotions , but somehow also belonging to each of us. Once again it is childhood, an infinite source of inspiration, that evokes the universal principles that regulate the world. Have a good trip.

Kendra Binney


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