Thanks to technological innovations, our old classic watches have reached their digital maturity by connecting to our smartphones, hence the birth of smartwatches or connected watches . They now include various features to make us a thousand and one services. They are now part of our daily lives and attract more and more users in 2019 , not just geeks!

In recent years, smart watches are on the rise in France and elsewhere and young and old wear them on the wrist to refine their look, to train or just for fun … Where does this craze come from? What are the good reasons to wear a connected watch  ?

Focus on the origin of the Smartwatch

Smartwatches are not a recent technology since their origin dates back to around 1980-90 with Pulsar by Seiko and Databank by Casio . A few years later, Sportwatches watches were created to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts and top athletes. However, we had to wait until 2012 to see the “real Smartwatches” with the Pebble models .

Since 2013, the race for smart watches has been launched , bringing together all major players in the field of mobile telephony and computing, like LG, Sony and Samsung . Google is no exception in this phase of democratization of Smartwatches by offering the general public its operating system called Android Wear . Whatever the efforts of each manufacturer, the Apple brand has been in the spotlight since 2016, including its famous Apple iWatch .

Today, we are witnessing the advent of a wide range of connected watches that come in three versions:

  • The autonomous Smartwatches  : they are equipped with SIM card to ensure the Internet connection without having to use another terminal as a WiFi spot.
  • The dependent smart watches Smartphone
  • The bracelets connected

Each of these models has its own features, so check with a professional when in doubt. For info, you will find several tips and tricks about smart watches on . This platform also offers different models of Smartwatches adapted to all uses.

The 5 reasons to crack for a connected watch

1. To make phone calls with ease

Wearing a smart wrist watch is all about practicing . Indeed, some models can act as a phone, allowing the user to pick up an incoming call via his Smartphone and respond to it with ease. No need to touch your mobile phone to make emergency calls …

2. The notifications at the wrist

In addition to the practical side, Smartwatches have another undeniable asset: comfort . Whether in the office, on the go or on vacation, the smart watch can receive notifications in real time: incoming call, SMS, mail, social media update … Depending on the model, the screen of the connected watch can display the correspondent’s name and text, or even respond to the message by dictating it to the voice .

3. Optimized apps for connected mini-screens

Manufacturers continue their innovations by offering a wide range of essential applications for everyday users. The latter offer several services such as booking a taxi , shipping an online order, geolocation , voice recognition , sleep tracking, etc. What delight neophyte users as seasoned.

4. A watch that watches over our health

Over the years, smart watches have embarked on many features adapted to both personal and professional use. These include, for example, step or distance counting , motion sensors (gyro, accelerometer), an optical heart rate reader … In short, technologies that aim to monitor and improve our health and well-being at home. daily.

5. A player reinvented

If music lovers have switched from the classic mp3 player to the Smartphone to listen to their favorite music, the arrival of connected watches has completely upset this habit, because now they can control their favorite playlists with the fingertip . It only takes a few clicks to select the titles, change the volume, skip to the next or previous song, and so on.

In fine, we must admit that SmartWatchs have good days in front of them, it is necessary to find the model adapted to his style to create a contemporary and original look!


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