Here are 5 of the main reasons to play sports at home rather than in the gym:

1. Saving time

The main excuse for those who do not exercise is the lack of time. By practicing at home, first you save the time of trips back and forth from home to the room, and in addition it allows you to make short sessions.

Nobody goes to the room to train 10min at home, it’s possible! 10-15min of cardio or sheathing every morning, and you will feel good in your body all day long!

2. Choose your material

In the room you have the choice between a multitude of machines. It has its advantages, but also its disadvantages! It makes movement easier, but machine work is far from optimal: it forces you to follow a precise trajectory that does not necessarily respect the natural movement of the joint, which can be harmful in the long term.

The sport at home forces to use dumbbells that allow to work more efficiently. And if you like machines, I recommend a complete device to work the cardio, as the rower .

3. You save money

Although I initially advise to invest in a little equipment, the sport at home is much more economical than the inscription in a gym. The calculation is easy: If the annual subscription to the gym  will cost you between 400 and 500 euros (and it can go much higher in the big cities), with only 200 € you will already have a good base of equipment for train at home.

But most importantly, you will not have to pay back every year 😉

4. No distractions

The problem of the gym is that there are those who come to train, and the others … All those who are there more to work the language than the abs. The sport at home has the advantage of allowing you to stay focused and respect your break times!

5. Listen to your music

In the gym, there is usually a background music meant to suit the greatest number. But that may not be your style! At home, connect your speakers and put the music that motivates you. Nothing better to spend a good session!

You can also watch the replay of your favorite TV show, listen to a podcast or simply play sports in peace. 😉

6. Go out when the weather is nice

When we have paid a subscription to the room, we want to make it profitable … But when we have not paid, we take advantage of the favorable weather conditions to go outdoor!

This is something that I personally find very pleasant. When the weather is nice, I go out to sunbathe doing my session. It may be just going for a run , but you can also complete full sessions with body weight exercises.

To conclude, whether in the classroom or at home, the important thing is to have regular physical activity! Our sedentary lives do not help, we must force ourselves to be active to stay healthy and prevent certain diseases. So to your sneakers!


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