Remember, in the last chapter of Dior’s love story , Charlize Theron was in full symbiosis with nature in the middle of a barren desert. Just two years later, the sublime South African actress is always more sensual to embody one of the best-selling female perfumes in the world.

The new commercial 2018 – 2019 by Dior J’adore Absolu was directed by the visionary French director Romain Gavras and his modern and unique eye to create an extraordinary universe. He takes us to a hammam where Charlize Theron comes out of the water before wearing a sensual golden dress . In this film, the icon Charlize Theron, more than ever desirable, is the divine incarnation of a free and triumphant femininity . An ode to women, all women, stronger together!

For the occasion, Christian Dior offers us a new version of his famous perfume entitled “J’adore Absolu” . This new composition makes the Absolutes dance with a new freshness. The flowers have the sweetness of a delicious syrup, a sublime nectar, natural and sensual

The music of the commercial is Kanye West’s Flashing Lights featuring R & B singer Dwele and singer Connie Mitchell . A title from Graduation , the third studio album of the famous American rapper Kanye West , released in September 2007 on the Roc-A-Fella label. Discover the clip below, which in a very different way, also gives power to women …

Charlize Theron, the actress and model of the ad I love Dior

Wondering who is the blonde actress and model of this ad ? No longer present Charlize Theronwho after a modeling career has made a name for himself in Hollywood by playing in multi award winning movies such as Monster, or more recently “Snow White and the Hunter” and “Mad Max: Fury Road” . Today, 43 years old, she is still as beautiful and sensual and continues to be the face of the perfume J’adore de Dior, a role she has held since 2009 and that suits her perfectly!

Charlize Theron, muse of the perfume Dior J'Adore



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